1. Nevermore
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Nevermore words and music by Diana Di Gioia
She took my boots, she took my leather vest
I had nothing left to wear that would impress
She took the sparkle from my eye, and the swing out of my step
And with them went the pleasure of what hadn’t happened yet
She wore away my groove with a pack of groovy lies
Like, “You will always be my baby”, and so I could not recognize
That the gig was up, she didn’t want me anymore
Now love has burned me for the last time, “Nevermore”

That black bird had it right
You won’t see me with old Edgar Allen
Crying in our beer on a Saturday night
“Nevermore”, I’ve done my time
With lonely hearts, and Patsy Cline
I’m tired of being your tearstained troubadour
Now it’s just me and the raven, evermore

We used to play like puppies on the rug
She’d tug my tail, I’d sniff her like a drug
There was no place I wouldn’t follow
I was proud to wear her collar
Beguiled by a smile or a hug
But heavy lies the head that wears the crown
She was my Queen, but I was just her clown
And when the fog had cleared away, my Goddess stood, with feet of clay
But now those feet were walkin’ out the door.
When from the window came a rapping, “Nevermore”!


Like Edgar when he lost his sweet Lenore
When my lover left, it cut me to the core
I tore my hair and cursed the Gods about what had occurred
Until that coal-black wraith swooped in with a solitary word
And rat-tat-tat, just like that, my weeping days were through
I’d had enough of love and what it could and couldn’t do
With his cryptic gaze like an ancient dinosaur
I’ll take advice from just the raven, “Nevermore”!


(Tag) Now it’s just me and the raven,
Just me and the raven,
Just me and the raven evermore