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Once Was Not Enough words and music by Diana Di Gioia

Once was not enough, I had to fall for you twice
First as a friend, then as a lover
Once was not enough, against my family’s advice
I found myself forsaking all others
But never was there any sacrifice
When I had fallen not once, but twice

Your lips were not enough, I had to have your heart
It was beating down all my defenses
Without it, my arms were just useless body parts
I could cast away without consequences
My emptiness would crack and fall apart
When I could get inside your heart

The fastest car, the wildest horse could never match the thrill
Tumbling, tumbling, down that hill

Days were not enough, I had to have your nights
In velvety darkness descending
Witching hour defined, by touch instead of sights
And languages beyond comprehending
A captive of my earthly appetites
Held breathless by the mystery of your nights

Once was not enough
Once was not enough