1. Hold On
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Hold On words & music
by Diana Di Gioia

There’s a coyote howlin’ in a pitch black night
There’s a gnawing in my gut, and my head just don’t feel right
It’s been three whole days since I’ve heard you say my name
There’s a skeleton tree scratchin’ at my window pane

Hold on tight, or this world is gonna break you
One wrong move and the blues will overtake you
Hold on tight
Hold on tight

There’s a cold, dark well, it goes down, down, down
At the bottom of that well, your tears don’t make a sound
There’s a weeping child, lonely and afraid
And a cruel Mama, saying “look at the mess you’ve made”


Hold on,
Hold on,
Hold on tight

The sun will rise, and my baby’s gonna come on home
My best friend, she’s gonna call me on the telephone
Summer will return, and the fourth of July
There’ll be barbeque, dancin’ and cherry pie


There’s a coyote howlin’ in a pitch black night