From the recording Either/Or World

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Love Found Us Anyway
words and music by Diana Di Gioia

Could’ve been the wind
Could’ve been the rain
Could’ve been your voice, when you called my name
Could’ve been the time
Could’ve been the place
Could’ve been the laughter on your face
Could’ve been the day
Could’ve been the night
Or the way you told me it would be all right
Had to be you and it had to be me
If you believe such things are meant to be

And somehow love found us anyway
Found us side by side
Gazing in each other’s faces
Somehow love found us anyway
And then stitched us together
At the broken places

Didn’t know the way
Didn’t have a prayer
Never pictured a world with your love there
Didn’t have a hope
Didn’t have the time
Didn’t trust the feeling, or the perfect rhyme
Didn’t say a word
Didn’t make a move
Didn’t think our families would approve
Didn’t show our hearts
Wasn’t it a shame, we would never know we felt the same


I had to lose myself to find me
I let my fear and trepidation bind me
I had to lose myself to find me
Here with you

Wasn’t it a joy?
Wasn’t it a thrill?
That first kiss made my heart stand still
Wasn’t it the best?
Weren’t we on fire?
You were the picture of my desire
Was it here to stay?
Were we meant to last?
I’ve breathed your scent, I’m falling fast
Will we be enough?
Will you take me in?
I believe that I can love again