1. My Bike and Me

From the recording Either/Or World

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My Bike and Me
words and music by Diana Di Gioia

Back in the days when my bike was my best friend
We would wander together the unpaved roads of innocence
We were looking for a freedom we weren’t strong enough to hold
In those young days, my bike and me, we were as good as gold

Pussy Willows in the springtime, golden apples in the Fall
After school, my bike and me, we’d need to smell and taste it all
And in between, those summer days, each a lifetime long
I was their queen, my bike, it was my throne


Searching for a place where I could spin my dreams
Hungry for the quiet of the woods
Tripping down the fairy trails of pebbled streams
Their songs, in those days, so easily understood

I can’t recall a time when we weren’t allowed to roam
However scraped and bruised, my bike and me,
We always made it home
If there was trouble we could get into, it wouldn’t leave a scar
We were trusted, my bike and me, we never went too far

In the winter, there’d be books where I could trace the secret code
And follow trails through misty mountains, ruled by Kings of old
Where from every silver bow there sprung an arrow flying true
In those sweet days, to look for magic was the thing to do


Now I am grown and I live between these walls
Where I can work for days and never hear the woodland calls
But sometimes in May the wind blows through the honeyed breath of spring
And on those days, my heart remembers everything

Sometimes in May the wind blows through the honeyed breath of spring
And on those days, my bike and me, were everything