1. Rule The Roost

From the recording Either/Or World

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Words and Music by Diana Di Gioia

There’s a rooster in the pen, disguised as a hen,
and she won’t let me sleep in the morning
She thinks it would be good to wake the neighborhood,
that it’s her job to call out a warning
But there ain’t no hawk, it’s just an old crow
and I don’t know why she can’t let it go…..
She’s practicing that cock-a–doodle-do
Working toward her big debut, oooh oooh

She wants to rule the roost
She wants to rule the roost
That girl, that hen, she’s got ambition
She wants to be the big boss man
She wants to rule the roost

Well we got six chicks as our back yard pets
We thought our little flock was in heaven
We gave them each a name and a place out of the rain
And we hoped they’d get along together
And in the afternoon if the day was dry
We’d open up the doors and we’d let ‘em all fly
They’d be free birds, ‘neath an endless sky
‘Till twilight called them home again, ooh oooh

We noticed one girl had a bossy little way
Of getting up in everybody’s business
She told ‘em where to go and she had a lot to say
And with the neighbors tabby cat she was fearless
She’d be the last one in at bedtime
And the first to greet the morning sun
But when we heard her voice a changin’
We wondered what we had done, oooh oooh


It was an all girls’ dorm, that’s how we planned it
The sisters don’t need no men
All that struttin’ and crowin’, we just can’t stand it
here she is, greeting that sun again!

(Rap verse)

Just a fussy old hen with her feathers in a bunch
If she flew the coop would she come home for lunch?
She’s no spring chicken, she’s the cock of the walk
The birds of a feather are the ones who flock
She gets a little broody, and peckish too
All cooped up with nothing much to do
Mad as a wet hen, feather-brained
The pecking order must be maintained
Scarce as hen’s teeth, have you forgot
About the days of a chicken in every pot??

There’s a rooster in the pen, disguised as a hen,
and she won’t let me sleep in the morning….