1. Being Real

From the recording Either/Or World

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Being Real
Words & Music By Diana Di Gioia

My heart just tumbled into being real
Took my breath away with what I could feel
It was all right there, just waiting for me to reach it
Now I’m hangin’ on a wing and a prayer
That you won’t leave me in mid air
And if you’re ready to learn to love me, babe, I’m ready to teach it

When we became friends this was not what I had in mind
I was lookin’ for an ear and a shoulder and I wanted to be with my own kind
But I knew that you could hear me
Even when I couldn’t find the words
And when I listened to who you were I liked what I heard

But somehow back stage there was somethin’ else goin’ on
It was a girl meets girl romance that neither one of us had counted upon
And when it blew in like a tidal wave
And washed away the world we knew
It made everything un-important but being with you


There’s friends who should be lovers and there’s lovers who should be friends
There’s boyfriends and girlfriends and hard to know where “friends with benefits” ends
But once I had you under my skin, there was no room to let anybody else in
I’m your one woman gal, and I hope you’ll be the same for me

I never would have guessed that a woman could be what I’d need
But when true love asked me to follow, I didn’t ask if I could lead
And now I feel your heart in a thousand songs
And I’m so glad you like to sing along
And you can take the harmony if I can keep the Melody