1. Wiser Years

From the recording Out Late

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Wiser Years
Words & Music by Diana Di Gioia

I am privileged to love you in your wiser years
And to be loved in return with such precision and skill
I am grateful to love you in your wiser years
I give thanks for the woman who holds me close
And not the past that never will

We are living in times when perfection is seen only in youth
But we’re missing a deeper truth
‘bout what we gain and we lose, as we move from year to year
and for women like us, who said we’d never judge each wrinkle and crease
It’s still hard to be at peace
With the way that we were, and the people we have become


I suppose there are those who don’t love more with every passing day
And whose desire slowly fades away
As their lover becomes more a person than a fantasy
But when soul matches soul there isn’t anything that time can do
To make me want to be with someone new
There is only one you, and only one place that I want to be


And I know that you would give anything for me to see you at twenty years old
With the body they all wanted to hold
And a mind that remembered everything and took you anywhere
But I need you to know, that I never have any doubt
You are the one my heart’s been talkin’ about
This is the love I was meant to live