From the recording Out Late

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A Woman is the Only Man for Me
Words & music by Diana Di Gioia

All those lonely nights you left me cryin’
Heart broken ‘bout your cheatin’ and your lyin’
I thought I had no choice, that only your husky voice
And hairy chest could bring me lovin that was truly satisfyin’
Well now, it’s time you knew, I’ve found another
It’s not Freddie, from the Honkey Tonk, and not your brother
I’d never leave you for those guys, and this may come as some surprise
But I believe this love could truly set me free
Because a woman is the only man for me

A woman is the only man for me
She’s the only one who holds my heart so sweet and tenderly
When we’re huggin’ and a kissin’, the parts I thought that I’d be missin’
Are nothin’ more than a fading memory
Because a woman is the only man for me

I used to think I was lucky just to have him
That’s what all the girls would say, and I believed ‘em
I was raised to want a man, they told me it was in God’s plan
And that without him I would live a life of grievin’
But with my new love I can tell that she’ll be true
And we’ll do those tender things that ladies do
She fits my heart just right, I give thanks each day and night
For a lovin’ that I never thought I’d see
Because a woman is the only man for me


I know that surely some will think it queer
That I palpitate each time that she is near
But a life of bein’ straight was never meant to be my fate
And my story is more ordinary than at first it would appear
And now a woman is the only man for me
As our Desert Hearts have made me finally see
When my new love holds me tight, and we share our sweet delight
I’m as happy as this country gal could ever be
Because a woman is the only man for me